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Are you ready to experience the POWER of coaching

Hi, I'm Nikki! I help women in leadership "BOSS-UP" in the workplace by taking control of their careers with courage, clarity, and confidence!

Courage to be empowered and to own their psychological and physical health
Clarity on how to
increase their value and turn obstacles into career opportunities ~ Confidence to weather the storms of leadership and to bounce back like a "BOSS"

My Services

Digital Artist
Smiling Lawyer in Lobby

If you are a Developing Leader that is...

  • Moving from an individual contributor to a first-time leader 

  • Having trouble following through with your goals

  • Needing help prioritizing tasks and managing your time effectively

  • Lacking focus and want a trusted and unbiased confidante or advisor to help you prepare yourself as a future leader

​This coaching journey is for you!

If you are a Transitioning Leader that is...

  • Unprepared to hit the ground running as a new leader

  • Fearing failure and feeling like an imposter 

  • Dealing with managing colleagues that are now direct reports

  • Feeling overwhelmed by a new position and new responsibilities and need clarity and support

​This coaching journey is for you!

If you are an Emerging Leader that is...

  • Moving up and being fast-tracked through

       the ranks of leadership

  • Internalizing limiting beliefs that are holding you

       back from stepping into your greatness

  • Needing to gain career development and

       management insights to help you reach

       your next level of responsibility

  • Desiring more help with work/life integration 

​This coaching journey is for you!

If you are an Elevating Leader that is...

  • A market or multi-business unit leader seeking to create and sustain a "high-performing" organization

  • Having trouble leading up and leading major change initiatives with confidence

  • Desiring to be seen as a strong business partner and leader but needs support during times of change and uncertainty

This coaching journey is for you!

If you are a Transformational Leader that is...

  • Feeling stressed in leading the organization and strategy from a position of strength

  • Struggling with navigating the politics, pressures, and expectations of the C-suite

  • Troubled by declining growth, morale, and potential external business threats

  • Seeking a strategic thinking partner to push you outside of your comfort zone

​This coaching journey is for you!

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.”


John Dewey, Philosopher/Psychologist

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