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Partial list of our Corporate Clients


Leadership SUCCESS is a behavior, not an activity 

Hi, I'm Nikki Trotter, CEO and Founder of IO.
I am an expert in leadership, team and organizational effectiveness.
I believe that Leadership is broken, not the LEADER! That's why I'm 100% committed to challenging and changing the landscape of leadership and  helping leaders achieve greatness by redefining how they lead and what it means to lead in a 21st-century workforce.

As a leader in human behavior and coaching psychology, my services are designed to accelerate leadership performance, and bring forth the potential, and well-being of leaders and their teams. This is the WINNING and success you have been seeking for a purpose-driven life and high-performance leadership and organization


About Me











Transforming Leadership 1 Leader and
1 Organization at a time

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Kenny Hosey_edited.jpg

Kenny Hosey, Software Engineer
Walt Disney Company

When I began my first leadership role, I was starving for education and guidance to become the best leader I could be. Nikki was one of the first people to ignite a passion for leadership in me. She brought a professional and real approach to leadership coaching and training. Nikki also lives what she coaches and it is apparent through the examples she shares. She’s a trusted coach and someone I will always feel comfortable seeking guidance from.

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Denise Strickland, Security Education & Awareness Leader, Danaher Corporation

Nikki brings a wealth of knowledge to put into practice regarding a large spectrum of areas. As an empathetic and strategic leader, Nikki partners with stakeholders to devise and execute on a shared vision. She engages high performing teams to deliver business impact and galvanize culture. She is an expert communicator and facilitator, which has been a benefit for global organizations looking to move the needle. Nikki is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend an opportunity to utilize her expertise.

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Tony Qualls.jpg

Tony Qualls, Director of IT Service Delivery, AdventHealth

I had the privilege of working alongside Nikki as she collaborated with our Technical Services leadership team on Covey's Laws of Trust. Nikki is an empathic leader and demonstrates a wonderful understanding of both the material that she teaches as well as the real-life experience that she has gained in her career. Additionally, I was able to work with Nikki in an ongoing basis for several months as I worked to help develop not only myself but my leaders to become better communicators, utilize our strengths, and build relationships across our enterprise. I recommend anyone that needs an authentic IO Psychologist to work with their organization to reach out to Nikki. You will recognize the value and benefits immediately.


“We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” ~ John Dewey, Philosopher / Psychologist

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