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Hi, I'm Nikki Trotter, the Founder, and CEO of IO, LLC., a transformational coaching company. I specialize in coaching women leaders in middle management. I help my clients master the art of resilience to navigate the corporate landscape and take control of their careers with courage, clarity, and confidence. Through the power and the process of laser-focused coaching (a mixed application of behavioral psychology and scientific methods), my clients become empowered and equipped to transform their professional lives and organizational cultures with high-impact goals that are designed and customized to help them excel and reach their highest levels of performance,  excellence, and greatness. The I-side of my coaching represents my individual coaching clients, and the O-side of my coaching represents the organizations they work in, lead and represent. All clients receive a personalized and psychologically safe coaching experience with every connection and every session.

As a human behavior and leadership performance coach, I utilize behavioral coaching which emphasizes behavioral change based on strengthening a client’s self-identity and values. The use of new or reframed visions and goals helps my clients visualize a practical and achievable reality. And once my clients understand how their behavior was created, they can discover how to take action to change it to the behavior they’d rather have. Behavioral coaching helps my clients effectively achieve change on a wide range of levels, such as: emotional, social, skillful, intellectual, self-conceptual, motivational, valueful, and so much MORE!

Coaching leaders is also my PASSION, my PRIDE, and my true PURPOSE! It is my passion because I believe wholeheartedly that coaching is a transformational process that changes lives, careers, and cultures. It has the ability and the proven impact to make the world a better place. Coaching is my pride because, with every client that I am blessed to coach, I see it as a gift and an honor to be invited on a journey into the lives of others and be entrusted with the innermost parts of who they are and who they want to be; as well as where they are and where they want to go. 

And lastly, coaching is my purpose because I am operating with all the gifts, talents, and abilities that I have been given so that I can pour into the lives of others. It is truly my call to action!

My Mission: 

To transform the professional careers of Human Capital Management (HCM) leaders through the process of behavioral psychology and laser-focused coaching.

My Mantra: Coaching you to greatness!™

My GROW™ Values are to:

  • Give back through service and stewardship

  • Ensure expected outcomes and stellar Results; every client, every time

  • View every new and existing client as an Opportunity to partner with and build long-term relationships

  • Create a Winning client experience

My Ethics:

We also adhere to the highest ethical standards and practices in accordance with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) which is designed to provide appropriate guidelines, accountability, and enforceable standards of conduct for all ICF Members and ICF Credential-holders. The ethics codes and standards can be found here: The International Coaching Federation (ICF)

CEO  / Founder of IO, LLC

Nikki Trotter, I/O Psychologist

MS., M.S., SHRM - CP 

Leadership & Executive Performance Coach, ACC

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My philosophy of coaching is that the coaching relationship is unique and special. It is a relationship of trust, partnership and of co-creation

             Nikki Trotter, CEO of IO

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