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Go! Be Bold and Be Great!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Check out my inspiring, exciting, and fun-filled podcast interview with Jackie Capers-Browns Go Be Great Podcast: EP 110: Embrace the Grace to Be Great! In this interview, Jackie and I conversate on all things leadership, greatness, coaching, and more!

Here are some notes from the interview:

In the guest chair, today is Coach Nikki Trotter. She is CEO/ President of IO, LLC Human Performance & Behavior Coach, ACC. Combining over 15 years of experience as a leadership coach and consultant, She is a reputable and respected industrial/organizational psychologist that understands the connection between human behavior and human performance. Nikki’s coaching philosophy is that the coaching relationship between the coach and the client is unique and special. It is a relationship of trust and a partnership of co-creation.

Questions I Asked In this Episode

  • What does empathy look and feel like to you?

  • How can we as the public develop a greater level of empathy?

  • What actions did you take to build relationships with other coaches?

  • What is a pivotal challenge you've had to overcome to build your coaching business?

  • As a business owner, what are you doing to build brand awareness to acquire customers?

  • What benefits have you gained from coaching?

  • What are your thoughts on how self-leadership impacts our success?

  • What is your theme song?

  • What was your favorite TV show as a teenager?

  • And so much more ...

What You'll Learn In this Episode

  • How Michael Jackson Moonwalk inspired her to pursue a recording artist

  • The WHY that inspires her coaching practice and business

  • The importance of diversifying your career portfolio and why it is important

  • What you should expect from an effective coaching experience

  • A key insight about delegating as a business owner

  • Why does she believe we're in the business of relationships

  • The theme song for her life

  • Things you need to consider as you navigate a career transition

  • The importance of giving yourself the grace to grow and be great

  • And so much more ...

Contact Nikki Trotter

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  • LinkedIn

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Nikki Trotter is the Founder and CEO of IO, LLC., a transformational coaching company. I specialize in coaching professional women in leadership from the front line to the C-Suite. I help my clients master the art of resilient leadership to take control of their careers with courage, clarity, and confidence.

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